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Crisis counseling available for those affected by unrest in Ferguson

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Because of violence and unrest in Ferguson, the County is offering crisis mental health counseling.

Counseling will be available for students, families and the community impacted by the shooting of Michael Brown.   Counseling services will be available Wednesday and Thursday at Greater St. Mark Family Church, 9950 Glen Owen Drive, St. Louis, MO.

For immediate mental health assistance contact the St. Louis County Youth Connection Helpline at 314-628-2929. The Helpline is staffed by mental health professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



  • Cit Riverview

    Oh I can see them lined up for that service. Can you imagine the thought process of some of the looters or those who justify that behavior? What is really interesting is those who cause the damage to the bushiness have the ability to vote. I now understand why we have people such as Lacy Clay,Jamilah Nasheed or Maria Chappelle-Nadal. all of those Representative are on the Mensa list.

  • Kim

    I cry for the Mother who’s son was taken from her. I cry for the people who have used her pain to create chaos for the Ferguson community. I cry for the two who were murdered after the police were sent to the wrong address, for the baby girl who died from wounds inflicted by the family dog… I cry for the truth and for justice ! When will all our tears be heard and our hearts heal?

    • Cit Riverview

      Not anytime soon. Most of these people operate on emotions. That is not a bad thing if you’re playing a sport. Many of these people have an issue with self! The mirror on the wall is not their friend, because looking at themselves becomes a great discomfort. They as children and young adults were not given a road map for secsess; they received the PhD on the street. I’ve said this before, if you truly want to understand their mind set, read a book by William Golding it’s called the Lord of the Flies.

  • lisa

    To the family of Michael. …I am so truly sorry for your loss. You had done an impossible job in an a impossible environment. I am at a loss to even comprehend myself why that happened…I would apologize to you on behalf of the whole world if I could. How hope you will be able to get the very least of honesty and justice that is due anyone of a murdered child. Many every strength possible be available to you to see you thru this unbelievable and shocking time. Let your heart lead and you will never be led wrong.

    Mr. ? Jackson,

    Let me start this endorsing letter by saying “Your doing a heck of a job Brownie”
    In light of last night’s additional shooting, we are very relieved, as im sure you are, that a gun was available to be found by this” latest terrorist’s”body. We are very proud that you have been able to stall, stumble and stonewall until our beloved officer is able to “remember” the truth of the night in question. We also assume he will be able to use the departments legal resources as he was on duty at the time of his attack. We know the taxpayers are already stretched and the city close to broke but without your resources the victim, the officer, may remember more about his time at your post than anyone would prefer. Keeping the “irrational crowd” inline and “safe” has also been a strong suit for you that will be remembered during your next promotion application. The dogs keeping people away from the body until the coroner’s 2 hour luch was over and they were able to arrive on scene. Whoever decided to arrest people during a vigil was get use of surveillance and a round up was a savings to taxpayers. Again in ending I can not reiterate enough “your doing a heck of a job, brownie”. Thank you, carry on and hey be safe out there.

    Mr. Jackson,
    If I was ever looking for some of that there RrrrreeeeeeCOURSE and shining a bright light on how little people in power care about people they look down on. Or remind me of the 1960’s or be the catalyst for a sweeping federal acknowledgment and change or prove everything a certain people say right……your the guy. Before this is all said and done you will be helping the people you are so hardworking trying to silent. So keep hiding, ducking, harassing, and lying blantingly to. But it can never save anyone from the truth.

    • Cit Riverview

      How nice of you to focus on everyone but those who are wreaking havoc. Your snide remarks towards those whom allowed that body to sit in the middle of the street is uncalled for. I’m sure you’d be the first in line to challenge the report if CSI or the coroner that didn’t take the correct steps to gather all the evidence to convict or release those involved. You Madam/Sir are those who give carte blanche to many in the community that chooses to act out. Suggestion: try another tact, you’ll get more sympathy from those of us who see what this is all about.

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