Matt Mitchell publicly apologizes for Uhl Sisters’ death

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MT. VERNON, IL (KTVI)- For the first time since the fatal accident in 2007, former Illinois State Police trooper Matt Mitchell has publicly apologized for the crash that killed 18-year-old Jessica Uhl and her 13-year-old sister Kelli.

He was back in the Secretary of State's office Wednesday trying to get his drivers' license back.  This is his 5th attempt.

The hearing started at 10 a.m. but was delayed after hearing room recording devices malfunctioned.  During the first part of the hearing, Mitchell was asked very descriptive questions about the crash and appeared uncomfortable.

Mitchell says he would like to get his license back so he can take his daughter to school and work. Mitchell has moved back to Illinois from Texas. He now lives in Carlyle.

Mitchell, then an Illinois State Police trooper, was doing 126 miles per hour en route to a crash scene when he lost control of his cruiser on I-64 near the Scott Air Force base exit.

He crossed the center median and collided with the Uhl sisters` car. They were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Mitchell was on his cell phone and on the computer in his cruiser moments before the wreck. As a part of a 2010 plea bargain, Mitchell`s license was suspended.

The Uhl sisters mother, Kim Schlau is expected to speak out against Mitchell getting is license back.

In the last two hearings, the officer recommended that Mitchell get his license back in some capacity. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has overruled those decisions.

No final decision is expected Wednesday.  That will come within 90 days after this hearing.

Former Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell's apology to the Uhl Family

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  • Dave

    He killed 2 girls, and he is w alking the streets. He should be in prison for a long time. But then again, law enforcement take care of their own.

  • lisa

    How many different ways can you say scum of the earth? How many different ways can you show examples of an entitled arrogance? Lack of equality in the court system? 30 months of probation for 2 lives??? If ole matt had done the arresting he would surely show up to the killers court dates to testify the horror of the accident and implore the court to never allow the killer to drive again….years after the person was released from prison. 126 mph on the phone….disgusting! !!!! Does a badge now mean you are responsible for nothing anymore?? People are now above the laws they are there to enforce? ??? Dont do it Illinois..!!!…….Dont do it Missouri….!!!!

  • Rachel

    NO, he is a free man with a slap on the wrist. Now he wants to apologize 7 years after the fact, so he can get what he wants?? I guess its better late then never, but he should never get his licence back.

  • lisa

    Historically anytime a police force is allowed to act militant and not peacekeepers of a co human society the police act like they are empirical and police actions of the last 13 years….police was militarized fully (across the country)about a year after September 11th…have come to view to everyone. Things will not get better until the police are made to back off and serve as guardians of it people. I would prefer they were all personally held accountable with firing and prison rather than mandate. But for the public, at this point I would be grateful for either.

  • ByeBye2TheRiteWingPoliceState

    And why should we CARE about what he has to say?

    I say he should shut up, listen to the judge, then the judge should deny his request for a license for another five years. End of story.

    This guy sure is a pathetic little piece of worthless human trash, such a fine example of the state of our police state today. I don’t think this little bald turd could care less about the people he was supposed to protect – I’m sure he only ever cared about his fat salary on the taxpayer dime and getting his lifelong taxpayer welfare pension handout when he retires. Is he still living on the taxpayer dime? I believe he is. And THAT’S a disgrace – people with no pensions paying higher taxes so this fat bald loser can stick his hands in our pockets.

    Oh, well, this is America, land of injustice, after all, so he’ll probably get his license back. It’s not like he did anything REALLY bad to those he REALLY protects, like steal $25 from the wealthy, so he just won’t be punished that much. Now, if he had stole a pack of cigarettes from QuikTrip, he’d probably be in jail for ten years – or maybe shot to death, like the kid in Ferguson. The police state only exists to protect the wealthy, and the wealthy are only allowed to take over our nation because half our people allow it, so we have nobody to blame but the dimwit Tea Party half of the country for this.

  • scott

    you have got to be kidding me how is this cop still a cop 126 to go to a accident how is it he is not in prison for murder? this has to be a joke.

  • scott

    I don’t see how a person can even want to live after killing two kids. This man can never be trusted to drive in a responsible manner.

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