St. Louis County Police respond to “Anonymous” tweets

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(KTVI)- The St. Louis County Police Department has responded to the hacker group “Anonymous” via Twitter. The group has released a name of the officer who they believe is behind the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“We will take every web based asset of your departments and governments offline,” the robotic voice said over video associated with the Brown case.  “That is not a threat, it is a promise.  Attacking the protestors will result in the release of personal information on every single member of the Ferguson Police Department.”

“Anonymous” has posted various videos showing their support for the demonstrators in Ferguson over the past several days. The Ferguson Police Department’s computer system has been hacked. Emails and phones lines were shut down. Personal information of its employees has also been released.

Federal agencies are helping to find those responsible for making the threats.  They believe most of them are coming from outside the St. Louis area.

This is a record of their conversation:


The Anonymous account has been suspended.


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