Brown family representatives: Release of the video was, “character assassination”

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Lawyers representing the family of Michael Brown are speaking out this afternoon after Chief Jackson released the officers name and a video tape showing their son allegedly taking part in the robbery of a store clerk. Attorney Daryl Parks says the family has confidence in the federal investigation. But, Micheal's mother is upset because the video has nothing to do with Micheal being killed.  They say it was careless to release the footage.  Representative Daryl Parks called the release, "character assassination."

The lawyers also asked for the demonstrators in Ferguson to remain calm.  They want nothing but law and order.  Parks says the mood of tonight should be like that of last night.  But, people always create sideshows in events like this.

The family knows that Michael Brown was not perfect.  Representatives say that what happened in the 18 years before the shooting do not matter.  They say Michael Brown was shot while surrendering to police.

Michael Brown was shot and killed in a police involved shooting on Saturday, August 9th.    Brown was allegedly involved in a recent robbery.  The details emerged on Friday morning from Ferguson police department.  A video was released from liquor store surveillance footage.  The store owners have nothing to do with the investigation and want to be left alone, according to representative Jake Kanzler.

The shooting of Michael Brown has sparked demonstrations in Ferguson all week.  The outrage over the shooting, looting and police response has received national attention.  The president weighed in on the situation on Thursday and protests across the country have started in concert with the situation in St. Louis.


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Full video of the news conference to be posted in 20 mins.

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News conference over.

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What game is being played here?  What happened in that store had nothing to do with the shooting

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Why would the Chief of the Ferguson police release pictures instead of video this morning?  The pictures look worse than the video.  We believe this is character assassination.

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Please continue to peacefully protest

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This is a universal code for, “I surrender.”

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I have been asked to make the plea.  Do not take the bait and riot.  The family does not want that.

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The family feels that releasing the video and report was strategic.  It was character assassination

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Why we are really here:  When I got the call that Mike Brown’s hands were in the air in act of surrender.  We should get to the bottom of this shooting.  What happened in the 18 years before that does not matter

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This family has never said that Michael Brown was a perfect kid

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It is important that the public know that we want nothing but law and order.  The mood of tonight should be like that of last night.  People always create sideshows in events like this

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We have total trust in the investigation into Michael Brown’s death

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FOX 2’s Bonita Cornute is at the press conference covering this story

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