New approach to policing Ferguson protests seems to be working

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Thursday night protesters were non-violent and much of the credit is being give to the change in police tactics.

People are still as angry over the shooting of Michael Brown, some may even be a little angrier after the release of the security camera pictures, but so far Friday night protest looks like last night's protest and that's a good thing.

The peacekeeping operation is now in the hands of the Missouri Highway Patrol, specifically Captain Ron Johnson from Troop-C who grew up in this area which seems to be giving him instant credibility with the crowds.

But those crowds are also unhappy with the release of the security camera pictures.

But are they unhappy enough to change their tactics?

Major Robertson is one of the officer’s Captain Johnson has asked to go around on a listening tour of the protest area trying to keep a constructive conversation going.