Who is Darren Wilson? Details emerging about the officer who shot Michael Brown

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Officer Darren Wilson has been a police officer for six years, he spent two of those years with the Jennings police department. At a news conference Friday with Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson we learned the officer suffered facial injuries in a struggle with Michael Brown.

The chief also described his emotions since the fatal shooting of Brown. "It's devastating, absolutely devastating he never intended for any of this to happen."

A St. Louis Police officer with the same name took to his Facebook page Friday to clarify that he is not the officer in Ferguson.  He is an 18 year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department and calls this a horrific coincidence.

FOX 2 has confirmed the officer lived in South County.  We have been to his street but are not disclosing where he lives for the safety of his neighbors who are already on edge. They are posting signs for the media not to come to their doors. Special school districts in the county closed early because bus routes were close to the officer's home.  Lindbergh schools added security because the officer lives in their district.

Ferguson officer Wilson reportedly received a commendation for extraordinary effort in the line of duty in February.  At Friday's news conference the Chief could neither confirm or deny that report.