Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster on crisis in Ferguson

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(KTVI)- Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was on the ground in Ferguson Saturday morning after more businesses were looted overnight. Koster spoke with FOX 2's Shirley Washington as well as FOX News about the crisis.

"It was disheartening.  A lot of people went to bed last night believing that there was a period of calm that had been established."

Koster called the news that was reported Saturday morning, "heartbreaking."

He along with other colleagues went out to the neighborhood and spoke with businesses that were looted overnight. Their goal was to increase the sense of communication that is needed between elected officials, law enforcement and the community.

"This sense of communication is desperately needed on the streets of this juncture."

As of Thursday, Captain Ron Johnson was put in charge.  Koster refers to him as an "extraordinary" human being. "He comes from the neighborhood and went to a local high school." Koster believes that there is immense concern about progression and lots of trust is in Johnson's leadership.

Koster is aware that the passion, anger and frustration will continue as the law tries to balance this chaotic situation.

"Community members need a sense that when police calls go out, they will be protected."

"Everyone is trying to learn in real time how to address a very challenging situation on the ground," said Koster.

"Paying respect to communities who are in pain is clearly an issue that we’ve learned from over the past week."

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