The vibrant Ferguson business community you may not know about

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - There are lots of thriving businesses in Ferguson. In fact, before the events of the past few weeks, many people in Saint Louis had already taken notice of the North County community on the comeback.

This is the other side of Ferguson, it was just about three months ago that FOX 2 news in the morning broadcast live from this vibrant business community. Now, we're taking a look back at some of the highlights of that show because Ferguson is still open for business.

Our morning team woke up in early May with the sounds of the McClure South Berkely high school marching band under the direction of Terrell Stringer. Just like the marching band, businesses in parts of Ferguson are also growing. FOX 2 news in the morning got a tour of the 10-block stretch of Ferguson called Citywalk by Mayor James Knowles.

"Citywalk is a special business district along Florissant Road in Ferguson; it`s the original part of our business district in Ferguson and it`s bee a real point of pride for our community because we've had so much redevelopment over the past several years." said Mayor James Knowles.

That redevelopment includes 23 restaurants, a wine bar and brewery. Natalie's Cakes and more Bakery just opened in June.

The hope now is that the community will return the favor and support Ferguson. One way you can do that is to come out to Ferguson Friday night. There's a free concert at Plaza 501 along City Walk. Anita Rosemond takes the stage at 7pm. Businesses here would be happy to serve you dinner and some drinks as well.