Ferguson businesses trying to recover from looting

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-- After several protest-free days in Ferguson a large march is expected Saturday morning.

But how are these on-going demonstrations affecting businesses trying to recover from the looting and vandalism?

Many if not most of the businesses hit by vandals over the past three weeks have yet to replace all these broken windows and doors because owners of businesses like the 911 Hair Salon are worried they may have to call 911 again because of vandalism if there is another flash point.

To be sure many of these Ferguson businesses support the causes people are marching for, but the ongoing protests are making it difficult for those businesses to support themselves.

Salon owner Dellena Jones says ever since the shooting, many of her clients have either been afraid to come to Ferguson or have only been willing to come if she would take them very early in the morning.

Some customers are starting to trickle in again but she is still worried more activity in the streets will continue to mean less activity in her shop.

Some businesses say their insurance companies have recommended waiting to make cosmetic repairs until after the case goes through the grand jury process.

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