Two police officers out of jobs following actions during Ferguson protests

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(KTVI)- Two police officers are out of jobs Friday morning because of their actions during the Ferguson protests. One officer was fired  while the other resigned. The impact of the protests can still be seen all around West Florissant. Windows of businesses that were looted are still boarded up.

Now there is more fallout from the demonstrations with what has transpired with these officers.

Lt. Ray Albers with the St. Ann Police Department was caught on cell phone video pointing an assault rifle at protesters and threatening to kill them if they didn't move back. He also cursed at them.

Albers resigned Thursday from the St. Ann police force. He was suspended after video of the incident surfaced and St. Ann officials condemned his behavior. Before pointing the gun and making the comments, Albers had water and urine thrown at him and heard gunshots in the area.

Meanwhile, a Glendale police officer was fired Thursday for disparaging comments he made on his personal Facebook page about the protesters.

Officer Matthew Pappert was initially suspended a week ago after it was revealed that he wrote on Facebook that the protesters should be "put down like rabid dogs"  and that they were "a burden on society and a blight on the community."

Glendale officials released a statement saying Pappert was fired after an internal investigation was completed. Pappert was not involved in security efforts in Ferguson and Glendale city leaders have gone out of their way to emphasize that Pappert`s comments don`t reflect the views of the city of Glendale.

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