Hundreds of protesters march in Ferguson demanding justice for Michael Brown

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-After a week of relative quiet, the streets of Ferguson are full of demonstrators again Saturday for the "National March on Ferguson”, demanding justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown. West Florissant Avenue has been shut down for the duration of the protest and rally.
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Organizers had been vague about what kind of numbers they expected; only using the word massive to describe the march. According to a full page ad in the St. Louis American newspaper, the march is a protest against "police killings, brutality, profiling, and legal coverups."

The "Justice For Michael Brown Leadership Coalition" organized the event.

The march began at 10:00am at West Florissant and Canfield, near the burned out QuikTrip.

Crowds marched to the Canfield Green apartments, where Brown was killed, for a prayer rally.

The group then marched to a nearby Forestwoods Park on Ferguson Road where speakers were planned.

Then, part of the group broke away and marched to the Ferguson Police Department to continue their protest.

Meanwhile businesses along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson are holding their collective breath waiting for the day to unfold. Boards remain over many of the windows, with business owners reluctant to replace glass smashed by rioters until they're sure the violent aspect of what's been happening here is over.  Many business owners support the demonstrators, but at the same time don't want to lose another Saturday of business to blocked streets, jammed parking lots, and tension that makes customers nervous.

Dellena Jones, the owner of the 911 Hair Salon, says, “It shouldn’t look like this, It looks bad it looks terrible, especially with the burned down Quik Trip. It’s like a terrible flaw. It looks bad. So we do want to fix it because we want the facelift…we want it to look good, but we want it remain looking that way once we fix it you know.”

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