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Illinois woman survives being stuck in mud for 26 hours

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CARMI, IL (KTVI) – An Illinois woman says she’ll never take a walk along the Little Wabash River again.   Amy Chitwood slipped and fell along a steep bank and ended up trapped in mud up to her waist.  She was trapped for 26 hours before being freed by White County rescuers.  A fisherman spotted her and called 911.

“I don’t know how I got through it,” said Chitwood.

Chitwood left her Carmi, IL home Saturday morning to go for the walk.  Her boyfriend reported her missing a short time later.  Police searched but couldn’t find her.   It was a fisherman who made the discovery the next day.

Chitwood was taken to Good Samaritan Regional Health Center in Mt. Vernon, IL after a truck, ropes, and several rescuers pulled her out of the mud to safety.  She injured her hip during the fall, but was released from the hospital Sunday.

She said the mud was like quicksand.  Chitwood tried to climb out but only seemed to sink deeper.  She was trapped up to her waist and worried about the river level rising.  She worried about wild animals, and most of all she worried no one would find her in time.  She’s diabetic and was without her insulin.

“I’d like to find that fisherman and thank him for finding me,” said Chitwood.

Chitwood’s voice was still weak on Tuesday.  She temporarily lost her voice after screaming repeatedly for help.

“I yelled all day for help,” said Chitwood.  “I hollered my boyfriend’s name and my son’s name.”

Chtiwood said she never gave up hope because she wanted to see her son and her boyfriend so badly.  She did doze off periodically and by the time the fisherman found her, he thought she was dead.  She wasn’t moving.

“I looked up and I seen the police and I started crying,” said Chitwood.

She has a new found appreciation for life, and plans on cherishing every moment with her family.

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