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Jefferson County woman turns to Judge Judy to get her stolen car back

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HIGH RIDGE, MO ( KTVI) - It`s been a tough and annoying two months for Ginger Paul. The High Ridge mother`s 2000 VW Bug was stolen by two Jefferson County teens the pair allegedly went on a 600-mile crime spree that ended near Atlanta.

Now left without a car, Paul`s life has become more complicated, she`s been using the car of a relative to get by.

After months of frustration she filed a small claims suit in Jefferson County against the families of the two teens. Then suddenly producers at the hit show Judge Judy came calling and invited her to appear on the show.

'I was aggravated I am hoping everything turns out, the kids get punished at least teach them a lesson. The boys were in jail I got a police report saying they destroyed my car and dumped it in a church parking lot. I recently got a phone call from and letter from the producers of the FOX TV show Judge Judy asking me to be on their show.' Said Paul

At this point Ginger Paul is waiting to see if her day in court will be on a national or local level. In the meantime, Ackworth, Georgia and Jefferson County detectives are still investigating the case. FOX 2 also spoke to the mother of the oldest teen who says she wants the situation resolved as soon as possible. Paul is set to appear in a Jefferson County small claims court on Friday unless she gets the all clear to appear on Judge Judy. She`s hoping to get $5,000 in damages.

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