Cast of ‘The Little Rascals’ recreate movie poster 20 years later

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LOS ANGELES, CA (KTVI)- “You only meet your once in a lifetime friends… once in a lifetime.” The cast of “The Little Rascals” has reunited after 20 years. In honor of their anniversary, the cast members recreated their 1994 movie poster!

Producer & CEO of 22 Vision, Brian Procrass, brought all of the actors together.

If this movie touched your heart or made you smile, then you’re sure to remember, Bug Hall (Alfalfa), Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla), Courtland Mead (Uh Huh), Ross Bagley (Buckwheat), Blake McIver (Waldo), Travis Tedford (Spanky), Kevin Jamal Woods (Stymie), Sam Saletta (Butch) and Blake Jeremy Collins (Woim.)

The cast also helped to recreate some of the film’s most iconic scenes.

If you’d like to see more images or get an update on the crew, head to

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