Francis Howell must accept Normandy transfer students

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY - ( KTVI) Approximately 350 Normandy transfer students could end up returning to  the Francis Howell School District. A recent ruling  the Francis Howell School District has no choice and must re enroll Normandy students in their school.

Before the start of the school year  the Francis Howell School District announced  it would  no longer  accept  Normandy transfer students  and the students  had to return to the newly formed Normandy School Collaborative for the  2014-15 school year. However,   with the new court ruling things are about to change .  Three weeks  ago  a St Louis County Circuit Judge  ruled  Normandy and other area school districts must comply with  state law that allows students  to leave unaccredited school districts  for higher performing ones . "Based on  that court ruling  every child that want to transfer   from Normandy,  should be able to transfer to an accredited district, " said Attorney Joshua Schindler. 

The Francis Howell School District is  requiring a court order for each student wanting to re-enroll  district. " Francis Howell is requiring  us to go back to court  over and over again  and list each individual child," said  Schindler.   Francis Howell  was the first to say no to the Normandy  transfer students but  with the recent court order  the Normandy transfer student's attorney says  he's not going to stop until every student who wants to be back is back.

The Francis Howell School District did not want to give a comment on the subject in a letter  to parents  Francis Howell Superintendent  Pam Sloan said " Even with the option, many of the transfer students may not come back." “We do not know how many of the eligible students will have an interest in returning,” Sloan wrote. “As always, our school district will comply with all court orders and laws.”

 So far,17  Normandy students have been re-enrolled in Francis Howell . Last year  the district ended  the year with about
430  students from Normandy .