Meth making Facebook video leads police to suspects

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(KTVI) - No matter how often people are warned to be careful about what they post on social media, some just don`t get it.

And according to police, one such person appears to be Jennifer C. Harrington, 36, of Jefferson County.

Last week, the Franklin County narcotics unit got a tip from one of Harrington`s Facebook friends saying they had seen a video on her page allegedly showing a man making meth while Harrington assisted him off camera as she shot the minute-and-a-half long movie.

'They were talking about the manufacturing of methamphetamine, they were using street slang terms we could actually hear the bottle being shaken in a one pot manufacturing process,' said Franklin County narcotics officer, Sgt. Jason Grellner.

'Some of the apparatus and chemicals we normally see in a meth lab could be seen in the video,' she said.

After watching the video, officers went looking for Harrington at several addresses in Jefferson County and in Union, Missouri.

They did not find her right away, but along the way they found several other friends of hers and arrested them on suspicion of either using or making meth.

Police have yet to find the man in the video.

'They said the people weren`t very happy that their friend had posted this video and was bringing this investigation down on all of them,' Grellner said.

Jennifer Harrington was finally arrested not on a drug charge, but for an outstanding parole violation.  Ironically, she was picked up as she arrived to meet with her parole officer.

None of the others arrested can be charged with drug crimes until lab results come back from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

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