Ferguson protestors don’t disrupt Sunday sports events downtown

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DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-A big crowd is expected to pour into downtown St. Louis Sunday with the St. Louis Rams hosting the Dallas Cowboys. But the stories swirling outside the Edward Jones Dome are about more than football.

Fans are ready for football, but a group of Ferguson protestors says they plan to be at the game too, hoping to disrupt it.

Protestors began touting the idea of a demonstration at Tuesday’s contentious St. Louis County Council meeting and they've continued attempting to organize on social media. Some were soliciting tickets to the game, planning on doing something inside.

What that is or if they will be successful remains to be seen. Regardless, it has been a topic of conversation city-wide amongst Rams fans, while demonstrators, who were out again yesterday, say they will use local sports to keep their message about the Micheal Brown shooting alive.

Demonstrator Umar Lee says, “We love our sports teams, but we have some systematic problems. We don’t want to go back to business as usual until we’ve got some serious progress on these issues.”

Meanwhile there will be extra fans in the Dome with free tickets who have nothing to do with a demonstration. Charlack Police Chief Steve Rungee gave out tickets 100 fans in his small north St. Louis County town, looking to spread a little good cheer. The team was instrumental in helping him with the giveaway.

There is another giveaway to talk about. Sunday is “Green Day” at the Edward Jones Dome. Fans that take Metrolink to the game may receive a voucher for free food at the game.