Rescued from a wildfire, mountain lion cubs recovering at Ohio zoo

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COLUMBUS, OH (KTVI)-Two mountain lion cubs who were rescued from a wildfire are recovering at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio. Firefighters found the cubs on 48 acres of burning land in western Montana. They were just a few weeks old at the time and suffered from smoke inhalation.

Lisa Rhodin with the Montana Wildlife Center said, “The cats were under the fire. The log was actually burning over them. So they called for a water drop, which is 600 gallons of flame retardant water. So these kitties got a bath.”

The cubs are getting medical care and are not on public display. They are being bottle fed t and have doubled in size in the weeks since their rescue.

The cubs will stay at the Columbus Zoo until they find a permanent home. The zoo's director emeritus, animal expert Jack Hanna, heard the story of the cubs' rescue and arranged for their recovery.