Neighbors honor Seattle man with Christmas in September

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SEATTLE, WA (FOX)-Most people haven't even started decorating for Halloween, but for one Seattle street it is already time to put up the Christmas decorations.

Frank Henderson is battling cancer and has been told that he has just weeks to live. He is known for going above and beyond with his holiday decorations and when neighbors heard his diagnosis, they decided to bring the Christmas spirit to their neighborhood a little early this year.

Jan Henderson, Frank’s wife, says "It's not about Christmas, it's about honoring a person. Frank's journey is almost over and it's sad and people want to help, for our little neighborhood, this is their way of telling him what he's meant to them."

Henderson has also been able to create a special memory for his daughter, Thea. He likely won’t be there for her wedding, but they have now taken photos to commemorate that special moment.

"I’m not getting married. But the idea that my dad's not going to be part of that day, or any of the big moments to come…that walk with me was a walk in to my future. On my special day, I want it to be played at my wedding.”