Eureka HS shocked by 3rd fatal accident

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – A seventeen year old Eureka High School senior has died from injuries she suffered in a Sunday night car accident. Natalie Timm’s was the third fatal car accident tied to Eureka High in just over a year.

Police and family say Timm was driving home from her job at St. Alban’s Country Club when she began losing control of her Nissan Altima. A police reports says she appears to have swerved off on to the right shoulder, overcorrected, then gone completely off St. Alban’s Rd. on the other side. The car flipped at least once. Police have suggested to the family she may have been trying to avoid a deer.

Kathy McQuillan's two teenage daughters were traveling in the other direction. They had just pulled off of Highway 100 when they saw Timm’s car go airborne.

“They were in a panic,” she said of their call to her next. “They had come around the corner on highway 100, turning on to highway T and said they witnessed a car shooting up in the air and flip and, so they called 911.”

But it was too late. Timm was trapped in the car and had already suffered head injuries that would lead to her death.

“Natalie, McQuillan said of the response by medics, “People were there right away. She wasn’t by herself, and they didn’t suffer.”

Suffering, unfortunately, has become more and more common at Eureka High School. One of Natalie’s favorite teachers, Christie Staszcuk, got word of the crash Monday morning, and her subsequent death that night. Her immediate thought:

“Not again. I was devastated. I was really emotional, she said. “It’s been pretty rough. Last year was rough for us with two tragic accidents. It’s rough in there. They’re hurting. They’re sad. They’re trying to pull it together. It’s just really hard for a teenager to deal with this kind of loss.”

The first of the losses came in August 2013, at the beginning of the school year. Lauren Oliver, who graduated the year before, and her sister Kathleen, a senior at Eureka, died along with another friend in a car wreck.

Then, this past spring, a study hall teacher, William Gillespie, was hit and killed while leaving the school on his motorcycle. Now, they’ve lost Natalie.

“She was smart. She was cute. She was fun,” Staszcuk said of her pupil. “She was the kind of student you want your daughter to be and we’re going to miss her.”

In fact, students here already are. That’s the hard part for teachers.

“Seeing the students up set and seeing them grieve and knowing there’s not a whole lot you can do to help them. That’s what we do in our profession that’s what we do is help kids, and we want to make it better and we can’t make this better.”

Family members say Natalie was on the dance and Soccer teams at Eureka. They tell us she was looking at the Universities of Missouri and Kentucky as potential colleges next fall.

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