‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse Wednesday, October 8th

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(KTVI)- On the way into work this morning, many people may have noticed a moon shadow. According to John Pertzborn, it was a "bloody marvelous" sight.

Anna Green, Planetarium Educator at the Science Center, tells us more about the 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse.

Anna says it's a great time to observe the moon and enjoy the night sky.

If you didn't have a chance to witness this morning's total eclipse, thereĀ  are two more that are set to happen in April and September of 2015.

Today's eclipse was called Selenelion. When this happens, we are able to see the moon and sun at the same time.

On Wednesday, October 8th, the sun rose at 7:03a.m. and the moon set at 7:11a.m.

For additional information or to learn more about today's eclipse, visit: slsc.org