Rain dampens practice for the Cardinals ahead of first NLCS game

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - This afternoon, Joe Abernathy was keeping the cover on his infield. "So we doubt that we'll get any batting practice out here," says Joe Abernathy, the St. Louis Cardinals VP of Stadium Operations. "But the guys should get some of their throwing stuff in, as long as they can tolerate this cold San Francisco like weather that we're having here today."

If the Giants leave their hearts in San Francisco, they'd better remember to pack their long underwear this weekend. Saturday's game one and Sunday's game two will feel a little like the city by the bay has come here to the heartland.

"Yeah, we should be okay," says Abernathy. "The biggest thing is keep the infield dry so it stays dry and playable. The grass itself is a sand based field. So water pretty much drains right through that."

Abernathy estimates after a rain it takes about a half hour for the water to drain through the grass and the field, dry enough to resume play. Saturday's game should be dry enough by the 7:07pm start time on Fox 2.

"The outfield portion of it just loves this sort of cool wet weather," says Abernathy. "This Kentucky Bluegrass thrives in that and the field is looking as good as it's ever looked this time of year, because of some of this cool wet weather we've had in the last few weeks."

What does National League Championship weather typically feel like? Expect the mid-50's At Busch Stadium, where it's always October,