Pink Floyd to release new album

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(FOX NEWS) – The ground breaking rock band Pink Floyd preparing to release a new album next month.

And the band says it will be their last.

The new album is called “Endless River”.

And is described by the band as a continuous flow of music that builds for nearly an hour over four separate pieces.

Conceived as a tribute to keyboardist Richard Wright.

Who died in 2008 of cancer at age sixty five.

The innovative format is no surprise from a band that has defined itself by groundbreaking experimentation over a forty year career.

More of surprise, David Gilmour suggesting in an interview that the new album will be the band’s farewell.

Gilmour says: “The Endless River is a continuous flow of music that builds gradually over four separate pieces over the 55-odd minutes. There’s a sort of continuum from Division Bell album to this. And the last phrase but one on the Division Bell is the endless river, the endless river forever and ever at the end of the song High Hopes.”

Gilmour says: “The only concept is the concept of Rick and Nick and I playing together in way that we had done way way in the past that we had kind of forgotten that we did and was instantly familiar.”

Nick Mason says: “I think Rick would be thrilled actually. I think this record is a good way of recognizing a lot of what he does. I think the most significant element was really actually hearing what Rick did because having lost Rick it really brought home what a special player he was.”

Gilmour says: “It is a tribute to him – it’s very evocative and emotional in a lot of moments. Certainly listening to all of this stuff it made me regret his passing all over again. This is the last chance anyone will get to hear him playing along with us.”

Gilmour says: “I think we have successfully commandeered the best of what there is. I suspect this is it.”

The Endless River comes out November 10th.

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