Two peaceful protests in Ferguson on Saturday

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) –In Ferguson, two protests marked the "Weekend of Resistance" Saturday.  Several hundred people gathered at the memorial to Mike Brown on Canfield Dr. at 7pm to chant and wave signs.  One sign read "Black Lives Matter".  Other signs called for justice in the police shooting of unarmed black teen Mike Brown.

Mounds of teddy bears still circle a light pole near the shooting scene.  In the middle of the street, flowers and lighted candles mark the spot where Brown's body lay for much of the afternoon August 9th as investigators collected evidence.  Shots fired in the area delayed the crime scene work according to police.

Many of those who attended the vigil marched some two miles to the Ferguson Police Department to begin another protest there.  Police shut South Florissant Rd. to traffic from 8:30 to past midnight so demonstrators could voice their complaints about police.

Officers from St. Louis County and the Missouri Highway Patrol stood in riot gear for much of the night blocking access to the Ferguson Police Department.  Demonstrators taunted police at times using epithets and demeaning criticism.  Officers stood silent and did not respond.  At times the crowd appeared to reach three to four hundred.  By midnight most had left.

No incidents involving demonstrators were reported by St. Louis County Police.  However, shortly after 9pm police in the Canfield Drive area heard nine gun shots.  Nothing came of that investigation.

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