Creepy clown project spooks town

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WASCO, CA – What started as a Wasco photographer having a little fun in the Halloween spirit, has evolved into nationwide reports of a murderous clown terrorizing Bakersfield California. Local law enforcement says that’s just not the case.

The Wasco Clown has created a lot of buzz on social media over the last week or so. Now, copy-clowns are popping up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Rumors of clowns invading Kern County are going viral.

It started with a husband and wife’s photography project, and has gotten exaggerated into headlines like this, “Murderous Death-Clowns Stalk Southern California.” But, that’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?

But, all this clowning around is making for some interesting stories. Friday afternoon, there was a report of a clown chasing kids near Golden Valley High School.

Kern County sheriff’s officials say they have received a lot of these types of reports, but they are all unfounded.

“I believe right now it’s going to be juvenile antics, but I haven’t seen anything else come through.” said Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy Ian Chandler.

Sheriff’s officials say they have not located any clowns, nor have they identified any victims of crimes committed by clowns.

Law enforcement officials say they expect clown calls will increase as it gets closer to Halloween.

They say the reports have all been pranks, but they will investigate any criminal activity that’s reported.

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