10-year-old raises money for girl battling life-threatening disease

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Young girl helping 10 year old with disease

Mount Juliet, TN (WSMV) — When 10-year-old Ella McIsaac started her “Lemonade Stand Project,” she wasn’t sure exactly who she wanted to help, just that she wanted to help someone.
“I wanted to help somebody that doesn’t have long to live, but I didn’t know who,” Ella said.

The “who” turned out to be another 10-year-old, Paisley Kelley, who is the recipient of Ella’s efforts.

Paisley has a rare liver disease. There is no cure, and Paisley’s only hope is expensive medical treatments.

“Niemann-Pick Disease, it’s what causes your liver to not digest fat, which makes some of her organs shut down,” Ella said.

Paisley’s father said it’s difficult watching his daughter suffer.

“As the disease has progressed, it’s been harder and harder watching your child hurt. It causes a lot of pain, and it’s something difficult for parents to deal with,” Shane Kelley.

On Sunday, a big birthday party was held at a barbecue restaurant in Mt. Juliet for Paisley – a party that never would have happened if it wasn’t for Ella and her “Lemonade Stand Project.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be this big. I thought we were going to try to help her, but I didn’t know it was going to be huge,” Ella said.

Ella has raised $1,000 so far. The money is not just for Paisley’s birthday party but also to raise awareness about Niemann-Pick Disease.

“I’ve told a lot of people – when somebody does something nice for you, that’s really cool, but when they do something nice for your children, it’s just something that’s hard to put into words,” said Paisley’s father.

By Alan Frio

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