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Undoing summer skin, hair damage

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(KTVI)- With summer over and the sun becoming more scarce, it's time to take a good look at your skin and hair.

Did the sun do a number on them? If so, we have someone who can help fix it.

Dermatologist Dr. Madhavi Kandula stopped by with some suggestions to undo the damage.

Sun, chlorinated water, walking barefoot, etc can affect not only skin but hair. Because of these factors, Dr. Kandula recommends starting a regimen now.

Helpful Tips to undo damage: .

1.)Don`t over-soap! Switch to a mild soap or soap-free cleanser. A harsh soap will further remove the beneficial oils on your skin.

2.)Apply moisturizer right when you get out of the shower, when your skin is damp.

3.)Use the right moisturizer. I know it is confusing out there with so many brands and so many types even within a brand. Oil-based moisturizers work better in general than water-based moisturizers. Avoid products that have water as the first ingredient.

4.)Balance it out. I think oral intake of certain omega-6 fatty acids like borage oil and evening primrose oil, and omega-3 fatty acids, especially the EPA component, help maintain proper skin moisture balance, although no large scientific studies have been done to prove this.

5.)Refresh: To get rid of that dry top layer of the skin, a series of light chemical peels at the dermatologist is a quick skin refresher.

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