Scott Schaffer: Ransomware – how to protect your files

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(KTVI) - Ransomware -- what is it and what threat does it pose to your computer.  Scott Schaffer with Blade Technologies gives us some tips on what to look for and how to keep your computers safe.

Tips for protecting your computer: 

1." Make regular backups, and have a backup off-site as well. TEST your restore function regularly to make sure your backups actually work.
2. Patch browsers as soon as possible, and keep the amount of plug-ins as low as you can. This diminishes your attack surface.
3. Step all users through effective training on security such as Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training to prevent malware infections to start with."

For end users, Sjouwerman advises, Think before you click. Dont open anything from someone unless you are expecting it. Hover over an email address to make sure its from a valid domain, one you know and recognize.

If you need help with ransomware issues, contact Blade Technologies Inc.


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