Stolen identity leads to a year without driving for a St. Louis woman

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A driver with no moving violations is forced to park her vehicle. The woman's driving privileges were suspended and she needed help getting her license back.  The woman tells me she bounced between the St. Louis Police Department and the Missouri Dept. of Revenue trying to clear her name.  Someone she does not know stole her identity.
For the past year twenty year old Amanda Clark would start her car daily to make sure the engine turned over.  But a two car crash in January 2013 meant she couldn't drive.   'I guess someone used my license saying it was me driving a different vehicle.  And that person was the cause of the accident.  So my license was suspended because of it.'

She learned her license was suspended in October 2013, nine months after the crash.   The Driver License Bureau asked her to file an accident report. Mind you, Amanda never crashed her car.   But a woman named LaToya crashed a van and presented Amanda`s stolen license to police at the scene.  Amanda says she has no idea who the woman is.  The woman is older, taller and heavier than Amanda.  'Our identities are nothing alike. Our structure is nothing alike. What my height shows on my license does not show that I was the person.'

Amanda was told the report on file with the police needed to be amended before her license could be reinstated. She made several visits to the precinct and police headquarters in downtown St. Louis. 'They haven`t really been too much help really.  I've been going back and forth for months now.  I asked to talk to the supervisor and still somehow I have never been contacted.'

Amanda wonders why police didn't run her driver`s license the day of the crash.  A check would show she reported it stolen in December 2012.  Last week police told me they'd look into the matter.  But the next day Amanda called Jefferson City and learned her license had been reinstated the day before.   During the months without a license, Amanda maintained her job and paid her insurance faithfully.  'It`s been terrible.  I still have a job now, so I walk back and forth from work unless I can ask someone for a ride.  I just got a new job, it`s further, it`s not in walking distance. '

Amanda has since filed an identity theft report with police.   And a warrant has been issued for the woman who stole her license.  If you have a consumer issue call our Contact 2 line.  The lines are open Monday through Thursday from 11am until 1pm. The toll free number is 1-800-782-2222.

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