Traffic updates: Rush-Hour in St. Louis

Protesters gather in south St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Protesters once again took to the streets of St. Louis overnight blocking intersections and keeping police busy. It started in South City and ended near SLU.

Police say at the height of the demonstration, there were more than 100 protesters taking part. The protesting began around midnight at Grand and Shaw in south St. Louis. Several dozen protesters blocked the intersection.

Police surrounded the demonstrators on both sides of Grand while a police helicopter flew above the scene. That intersection is not far at all from where 18-year-old Vonderitt Myers, Jr. was shot and killed by an off duty St. Louis police officer working a secondary private security job earlier this month.

About 45 minutes after the Grand shutdown, the scene shifted as the demonstrators moved near SLU's campus.

While some of the protesters piled into cars and drove to the second location, others marched up grand chanting and using megaphones. The group chanted slogans including "Black Lives Matter."

At one point, there was a standoff between three to four police officer and several protesters. The demonstrators were shouting at the officers but we understand the demonstration did not turn violent.

Things started winding down about 1:30am.

Officials at the St. Louis police command post don't know of any arrests and there were no officers were injured.

A public safety official at SLU says the demonstrators never went onto the campus there.

Instead, the group basically stayed at Grand and Forest Park Parkway.