Ferguson family fun fair echoes a time before social unrest

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - It's been eleven weeks of mostly turmoil for Ferguson.  What had been a quiet north county town -- has become a world-wide focal point for social unrest. Things were different Saturday, Ferguson was more like its old self.

A Go-Kart track (courtesy of Speed Racer Go-Karts in Dellwood) sprang up in a single morning at Forest Wood Park. The park also became a virtual YMCA with Zumba in the grass and a crowd gathered for the fun of it under a glorious late October sun.

"Somebody wanted this to happen. It was meant to be. Nothing is by mistake guys," said Ava Johnson of Mi Hungry Restaurant and Catering, which provided food for the event.

The Community Action Agency of St. Louis County organized a family resource fair in the wake of the turmoil that's followed the deadly August police shooting of Mike Brown, 18.

The event featured a 5K run/walk, face painting, free food, Zumba, and those Go-Karts. Ferguson finally had a day to just be Ferguson again and remind the world what it was really like to live there.

"Friends that I talk to from out of town, they have a different perspective and they just don't know. When you see these families come out today and they're bringing their children and everybody is just joyful, that's how Ferguson has always been," said Keith Robinson of the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County.

"It's been a blast," said youth, Mary Bland, after taking a turn on the Go-Karts. "Really fun. I didn't know (Ferguson) was this much fun."

Yes, Ferguson…fun !