Pine Lawn residents upset about $1,000 per month PR man

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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI) - Citizens in the tiny North County community of Pine Lawn are riled up over the $1,000 a month the city is paying for a public relations man.

Pine Lawn's Mayor, Sylvester Caldwell, is under federal indictment, accused of taking payoffs from a tow company operator. But PR man, Lou Thimes Jr. is on the payroll to do the talking for the Mayor and the city.  Residents point out that Pine Lawn is a poor community of just 3,200 residents. 36 percent of them live below the poverty line.

Despite that, the Mayor gets a salary of $60,000 a year, and he brought a PR man on board. I caught up with Lou Thimes Jr who told me I needed to talk to the city administration if I wanted a comment about his job.

The Mayor won't talk to me, so I went to the City Administrator Brian Krueger, who gets $67,000 a year. Krueger told me I should talk to Lou Thimes Jr. about his job. Krueger then ended the interview and walked away.

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