VIDEO: Anti-gay attacker taken down by good Samaritans at airport

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DALLAS, TX — A man was escorted out of the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport in handcuffs last Thursday. He started heckling a man in a pink shirt, calling him queer.

A man in a cowboy hat asks the man what he’s so upset about. “Queers is what I’m upset about!” he said, pointing at the man in the pink shirt. “This f****t right here.”

The man being yelled at then starts recording with his phone. Then the irate passenger kicks the man in the pink shirt. Passengers didn’t like what they saw. The group of good Samaritans took the man down.

When asked why he did it he said, “Because this is America. That’s why.” he says. “The same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black.”

According to WFAA, the man was arrested but would not comment further on the incident.