Ebola rattles cocoa market

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(KTVI)- Willy Wonka won't like this ! Have you noticed an increase in the price of chocolate this Halloween? A regular sized Kit-Kat bar is up ten cents in new york city. The Ebola scare is one of the reasons.

It has been said that Ebola poses a major risk to cocoa markets since about 70 percent of the global supply is cultivated in West Africa.

The fear that the virus could disrupt the supply of cocoa beans has forced some of the world`s biggest chocolate makers into action. Nestle, Mars and Hershey, among 19 other chocolate giants, have raised $600,000 to help the region fight Ebola and they`re making contingency plans in case the virus spreads into the cocoa belt.

Dr. Benjamin Akande Dean of Webster University's Walker School of Business, gives us a glimpse into the cocoa commodity that originates in his native land, Africa.