Missouri Poison Center talks Halloween Safety

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(KTVI)- With Halloween just two days away, it's important for parents and kids to be aware of all the tricks that often and unfortunately go along with the "treats".

Julie Weber with Missouri  Poison Center joins us with the tips you need to know for costume and candy safety.

Safety First:
· Caution when using the Halloween make-ups - as it can get rubbed in kids` eyes or kids lick them off their lips and also some kids are hyper-sensitive to the make-ups so do a test spot 1-2 days ahead of time - look for labels saying non-toxic.
· Watch for peanut allergies with the treats kids are given.
· Dry ice used in party punch bowls.
· Choking hazards if toys are given.
· Not all strange-looking candy is dangerous. Some are simple 'candy manufacturing boo-boos.' Before you panic, consider that 'white clumps/flecks' could be starch and 'glassy appearing chunks/pieces' could be crystallized sugar. Call the poison center to report your concern. PC will likely recommend not eating it/not consuming the rest of it .

In an emergency call  911.