Officer Darren Wilson dropped as witness in several pending felony cases

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)- More details have been released on how prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch will handle pending felony cases where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is a potential witness.

Wilson is a witness in ten cases of the nearly 4,200 pending felony cases in the St. Louis County Circuit  Court. Mcculloch says Wilson can move forward in some cases, while others are being dropped. The main reason is because Wilson hasn`t shown up to testify in court for those cases.

Earlier this week, we reported that five low level drug cases where Wilson was a witness had to be dismissed because he missed court dates.

Among those five, one that was dropped on Monday where Wilson received a city commendation for his actions. Mcculloch says in those five cases, Wilson is an 'indispensable witness' and the cases can`t proceed without Wilson`s testimony. In the other five cases, Wilson had only a minor role and those cases can move forward without Wilson appearing as a witness.

A grand jury is still considering whether Wilson should face charges for shooting and killing Michael Brown.

All of the cases that are being dropped were low level drug cases.

Mcculloch says it is standard procedure for him to look at all pending cases where any witness becomes the subject of an investigation or if the witness` availability or credibility becomes an issue.

According to Mcculloch, these other cases involving Wilson have no impact on the grand jury investigation.


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