Bahamas Celebration cruise evacuated after ship strikes something at sea

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(CNN) — A Bahamas Celebration cruise was cut short on Halloween after the ship struck something at sea.

Passengers were told to put on life vests and the ship returned to port after the boat hit something while leaving Grand Bahamas Island around 9 p.m. Friday, Celebration Cruise Line said in a statement.

“No passengers were ever in any danger, and everything was handled in an organized and efficient way by ship, corporate and Bahamian personnel,” the cruise line said.

Passengers were housed in resorts on the island, Celebration said.

Bimini SuperFast helped return the cruise ship’s 960 stranded passengers and crew to Port Miami on Saturday evening, Resorts World Bimini spokeswoman Heather Krasnow said in a statement.

Two Celebration cruises scheduled for Saturday and Monday were canceled while damage to the boat is assessed.

“Our focus at this time (is) taking care of our passengers who were on the ship or had planned to be on the ship over the next few days,” Celebration said.

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Carma Hassan

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