App to “hold police accountable” available from the ACLU of Missouri

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The ACLU of Missouri wants to make it easier for citizens to document police stops.  The group unveiled a mobile justice app Thursday.

The app has three functions, to record interactions with police, automatically send those recordings to the ACLU of Missouri and alert others with the app in the area of a police stop, so they can come to the scene and act as witnesses. The ACLU of Missouri says all three functions need to be used carefully by citizens, so they don`t cause additional stress for officers. but, the app was developed to give citizens some power during police stops.

"In a situation where it`s just an officers word against an individual who has no proof no documentation to provide an attorney they are left without power to hold police accountable." said Jeffrey Mittman of the ACLU of Missouri.

The Android app can be downloaded at the ACLU of Missouri`s website for free.  It will be available for iPhone users in the near future.

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