Jennings Junior High students march against violence

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI) - Dozens of students from Jennings Junior High School put on their walking shoes today to take a stand against violence.

The students- some of whom are in the Jennings College Prep Academy-marched from their school several blocks to Jennings city hall. 49 sixth, seventh and eighth graders took part in the event for their language arts class. Their teacher says the march was the student`s idea on how they could make a difference in promoting peace.

Jennings Junior High is not far at all from Ferguson. The student organizers we talked with say it`s their mission to take a stand against violence whether it`s in Ferguson or anywhere else.

"The message is for our grown people is to stop the violence. Nothing comes out of violence. Everything has turned into a bad scene. We need to stop the violence," said 8th grader Seanice Warren.

The kids` teacher Kathy Foster added, "Out of this, I hope that we will see less violence definitely in our schools, less fights and more conversations about peace."

Foster says the students all volunteered to be part of the march.

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