Lost dog shot three times found by family looking for answers

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DESOTO, MO (KTVI) - A Jefferson County family is nursing their dog back to health, believing he is a bit of a miracle. Myro survived three days in the woods after being shot three times. And so far, no one is certain who shot him.

It began when the dog went missing from the home near Desoto. It’s a rural area, and he would sometimes go to a nearby neighbor’s house. But he never returned.

“Day and night days go by,” owner Whitney Price said, “and still we were searching, then three days later he’s right up the street, right up the yard.”

It was day three, looking in a spot they had checked before that they came up on Myro. Whitney’s sister Taylor Latham saw him first.

“I seen him laying down and he wasn’t moving, so I was trying to push Whitney back because this is her dog and I didn’t want her to see him dead. And then he popped his head up and he was alive and my heart just dropped.”

The dog was alive. The rushed him to an animal hospital, and it was there they discovered the bullet wounds in his nose, back, and shattered leg. The leg will have to be amputated.

“I dropped to my knees and just started bawling,” Taylor said upon finding out he’d been shot. “I couldn’t believe someone would do this, because as you can see, he’s not a mean dog.”

The girls’ mother, Jennifer Latham, is mortified.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that whoever did this to Myro is very near, and it is an extremely unsettling feeling to think someone capable of this lives so close to my home and my family.”

Jefferson County Animal Control says because they don’t know what the dog was doing when he was shot, there’s no way to know if any law was broken. Also, the girls say they’ve been concerned with Myro’s health, and haven’t contacted authorities yet. That’s something their mother says they need to do soon.

“I think they need to be prosecuted. I don’t think this should ever happen to another family, another animal. And I just have a gut feeling that it may.”

Surgery for Myro is expected to cost more than $2000. The family is raising money to help on a Go Fund Me page. http://www.gofundme.com/gjapc0