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“Spunky Old Broad”reinvent yourself

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(KTVI)- Gayle Carson calls herself a genuine S.O.B.! She is known as Dr. Gayle S.O.B, Spunky Old Broad and is President of the Spunky Old Broad Clubs. She stopped by to help those of us who suffer from ground hog day syndrome or “the same old thing every day.”

As people get older, each and every day may seem like a repeat of the same activities.

Gayle wants us to avoid feeling like our life is one big rerun.

When life feels like it is one big rerun it`s time for a mental workout to refocus and reinvent life and its simple joys.

Many women having experienced motherhood and now into the empty nester years, can feel lost and drained of energy. Breaking out of the rut and rediscovering your strengths, talents and dreams still yet achieved is your real opportunity.

This time is now all yours and don`t wait another moment!

Gayle`s Formula for Reinvention and Energizing Your Life:

  • Enthusiasm
  • No Nonsense
  • Energy
  • Re-Invention
  • Goals
  • You

The author of five books, she has appeared in all major media and worked in 50 countries and 49 states.