First time landlord has a lesson in eviction

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The rental process was handled by a local company.  But, the property owner called Contact 2 because he claims he couldn't get the help promised by the management company.

Adam Tumbrink owns a home in Hazelwood.  The tenant has not paid rent for three months, and that's a problem.  Eviction is generally the next step.  But, as a first time landlord Adam thought the arrangement he had with a management company was all he needed to remove the tenant. Adam says he called Elite multiple times.

I called Elite Placement and spoke with a manager who didn't want to go on camera.  She says Adam called when her office was experiencing high turnover and things were backed up. The manager says Adam was advised to find an attorney and Elite would pay for it.  Adam says his schedule is busy enough.

Since neither he nor Elite started the eviction, the tenant evidently did not see the need to move, despite being behind on the rent.

Adam admits he only paid Elite a $50 enrollment fee.  But, he was paid nothing for three months.  And upon renting the property the tenant gives the security deposit of directly to Elite Placement which has not given that money to Adam.

Adam tells me he's  started the  eviction process on his own. Since our conversation with the office manager, Adam says Elite Placement promised it will provide legal support to get the unpaid rent from the tenant.