Waiter gets $1500 tip in Naples FL

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NAPLES, FL - A Florida waiter has a little extra spring in his step today, after a customer left him a fifteen-hundred dollar tip!

Earlier this week, Carlos Perez waited on a couple during a very busy night at Pazzo's in downtown Naples.

A man asked him for a dish that wasn't on the menu and Perez delivered.

Then, the man bought beer for the whole staff.

But it was what he left on the table at the end of the meal that brought Perez to tears after a hectic evening.

PEREZ says: "I would say, Carlos was in the weeds as they call it in the business. i was definitely in the weeds."

PEREZ says: "He says to me Carlos I’m going to ask you a question, let’s play a game; I’m going to ask you your first question to see if you get this right. I don’t see veal marsala on your menu, do you think the chef will prepare it for me."

PEREZ says: "So he said well you know if you had some money for yourself, and you had the time, what would you do? and I told him sir my only priority right now is to get my car fixed"

PEREZ says: "He slides me over the server book, the check book, and he opens it. And there it is, 1500 dollars I thank god for you and for what you’ve done and again it couldn’t have come at a much better time so I’m eternally grateful wherever you are."

The restaurant is not releasing the identity of the couple.

But they did say the two are from Houston, and own a seasonal home in Naples.

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