Big chill over St. Louis has some remembering last winter

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – The big chill over St. Louis is bringing back painful memories for some homeowners.  The owner of Kirkwood Plumbing recalls working around the clock after water pipes froze, expanded and broke during the last winter's sub-zero weather.

"They could be on an exterior wall or they could be anywhere where there wasn't proper insulation put in," explained master plumber Paul Schaefer.

He encourages homeowner to make sure they have proper insulation and make sure outside water hoses are disconnected so frozen water doesn't expand and damage pipes inside the house.

Schaefer says if a copper water pipe freezes, there are tools that can be used to safely heat the pipe before it expands.

The colder weather is good news for the Alpine Shop.  The store is planning for a Friday sale and has plenty of winter gear in stock.  Manager Pete Carleton says the blast of cold weather has sent customers though the doors in droves.

He says snow in other parts of the country is also generating buzz among customers buying ski supplies.

"Years past people have had to cancel trips because they weren't sure whether there was going to be snow," said Carleton.   He predicts this year will be a different story.​

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