Google changes image of Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - As the protests continue and a grand jury decision looms over the city of Ferguson, the people who live there are dealing with issues when it comes to the city's image.  FOX 2 discovered that a quick Google search of Ferguson got interesting results.

Originally, there was a picture that popped up along with a city map. The photo showed a protester and law enforcement in what appeared to be a face-off. The picture was drastically different compared to other nearby cities that had beauty shots. FOX 2 made contact with the online search engine to find out how the picture was selected. Google representatives sent an email stating:

“The photos are indeed automatically/algorithmically determined- generally reflecting points of interest about an entity on the web. In this case, the listing has been updated to reflect the map of Ferguson.”

Within 24 hours the image was changed.  That change made residents happy as they try to recover from the unrest in their community. "I Love Ferguson" worker Sandy Sansevere says people from around the world come to their shop with negative preconceived notions of  about the condition of the city.  Its an idea she’s hoping to change.

Ferguson’s 21,000 residents are waiting so see what the future holds.  Meanwhile, supporters are working to help the challenged city develop a new and improved place on the map.  At this point there’s no word on if  or when a new image will be added to the Ferguson search.

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