Police dog helps capture fraud suspects

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – A police pursuit ends successfully Monday night thanks to an unsung hero.  The hero is Officer Titan, he’s a police dog who works at the St. Ann Police Department. Titan went to school in Belgium, and America. His handler speaks to him in Dutch.

His handler Canine Officer Jason Lipson said, “It definitely feels good when we catch the bad guy.”

A man and a woman wanted for writing a bad check went on the run Monday night. They made a u-turn on Interstate 64 in Brentwood. Things went downhill fast.  There were at least three car wrecks; fortunately no one was seriously injured. There was a call for canine help and Titan and Officer Lipson came from St. Ann.  Titan found the suspects hiding in a sewer.

Officer Lipson said, “Its nose is smelling the crushed vegetation mixed with skins cells of the suspect that dropped it where they were seen running into the woods and it follows that scent, as far as it can.”

Without sniffing a possession worn by the suspect Titan can smell suspects’ skin cells as they fall off the person running away. Titan’s been on the force only seven months but has already caught suspects in three different communities and discovered narcotics in at least a dozen cars and other places. He’s becoming popular with citizens.

Police have charged 22-year-old Zechariah Ozzie Smith with resisting arrest and 29-year-old Tara E. Hodge with forgery in connection with Monday night’s incident. More charges are expected.

Experts believe dogs are as much as ten thousand times better at smell than people.

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