Stores see run on guns as Ferguson waits for grand jury ruling

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Some St. Louis area gun retailers report a spike in sales in anticipation of the grand jury decision in the case of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.  One Bridgeton store, Metro Shooting Supplies, says they’ve seen a 300% jump in business compared to the same period last year.

Inside Metro Shooting Supplies, you find the most unlikely of customers.  Jill Wilson is from Florissant.  Marla Orr is from St. Louis’ central west end.  Both are grandmothers, and neither has ever owned a gun.  That changed for both of them Tuesday.

Orr says her reasoning is simple.  “We don’t know what the verdict is gonna be, and I’m scared.  I’m scared.”

“We’ve been thinking about it quite some time but it came to fruition this weekend, we’re like, ‘This is something we have to do,” Wilson said when asked about the timing.  “?  Just all the rumors and stuff?  Basically the rumors that, the unknowing what’s going to take place.”

The store’s owner, Steven King, says the two women are a microcosm of what he began seeing last week.

“They are the people that are law abiding citizens that are afraid of the unknown.  They don’ tknow whether the rioters are going to burn their house down, whether they’re gonna burn their business down, whether they’re gonna loot their stores, whether they’re gonna hurt their kids on the way to school.  They don’t know. “

The store also provides shooting lessons and concealed carry courses.  All of them are booked solid into next year.

King says the last jump in sales came in August as things were going downhill in and around Ferguson.  He says now, with speculation about unrest spreading to other places if the grand jury doesn’t indict Officer Darren Wilson, people are coming in from all over the metro area.

“Now with this feeling of unknown fear, when nobody knows where its gonna strike, you’ve got the entire metropolitan area, that they don’t know where the next fire is gonna crop up literally so they’re coming in and buying guns because it could be their own neighborhood.”