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African-American photojournalist documenting Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - As the world continues to watch the events in Ferguson unfold, there are some photographers on the front lines who capture some of the city`s most striking moments. Photojournalists Alvin Jacobs and Bradley Rayford are separated by age but share a common interest both are African-American men embedded in the unrest. The photojournalists see the events in Ferguson through a different lens.  22 -year-old Rayford says he`s worked hard to develop relationships while capturing the activity on the streets of Ferguson. The St. Louis native wants to make sure his pictures show an accurate and fair point of view.

'I wanted people to experience emotions from the things I captured. I wanted them to feel the pain of the parents, the frustration of the protestors and the tiredness of the cops.' Said Rayford

Meanwhile, Jacobs has been driving back and forth from Charlotte North Carolina since August. He`s taking the 11- hour drive to capture the events in Ferguson as they evolve he says the experience can be emotionally draining. Adding he wanted to make sure he captured a part of history.

'Those photos reminded me of hopeless, pain and fear and that`s how they looked. I`m looking at these images and I`m like is that what I saw or is it what I feel.' Said Jacobs

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