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Getting salt to St. Louis difficult before busy winter

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - With snow already in the forecast, the president of Gunther Salt Company is bracing for a busy winter. John Gunther says salt suppliers are still recovering from last year.

Gunther says his company is at about 80% inventory when it comes to its salt supply. He says there is plenty of supply. The problem is finding a way to get the salt to St. Louis.

"It's really more of a logistics and transportation issue," said Gunther. "There's salt in all the salt mines across the county and in Canada, but there just hasn't been enough time to get product to market by barge and by rail and by truck."

He said receiving salt by rail has been especially difficult. Gunther believes one factor is recent oil boom in areas such as North Dakota.

"I think they are taking a lot of the rail cars up there," said Gunther. "Any product you want to get by rail, if you're not in the oil business, you're in a tough situation."

Gunther says some of the higher end products are in short supply.

"Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are extremely short supply," said Gunther. He said the big reason is there are few producers of those products.​