D.C. based group in St. Louis to investigate ways to improve police services

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI)-Members of Washington D.C. based policing think tank are in St. Louis taking a look at some of the issues surrounding the Ferguson unrest. They are guests of Better Together, a grassroots organization addressing the fragmented nature of local government throughout St. Louis city and County.

The Police Executive Research Forum, also known as PERF, is in St. Louis taking a look at policing regionally and ways it can be delivered more effectively.

Better Together contends that the fragmentation of the St. Louis region, with its 90 municipalities and 23 fire districts, results in duplications of costs for services.

PERF says the problems linked with too many municipalities and police departments were highlighted with the events in Ferguson.

PERF’s Executive Director, Chuck Wexler, says, “And it really made us think are there better ways, are there lessons to be learned, from what community members might want to see in their police. And not everyone is going to think the same way. One part of county might see it one way and another part of the county might see it quite differently.”

Better Together invited PERF to St. Louis months before the Brown shooting and violence that followed.